Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Humble Blog - Web 2.0 Icon

The blog (WeB LOG = BLOG) was first recognized in 1997. It has become an icon of the simple, interactive, engaging technology that we call Web 2.0. It has also become the cornerstone of many classes and workshops.

The Web never sleeps (nor do our students!). Blogs enable the students to have updates delivered to their desktops via RSS. (see the glowing orange icon on your toolbar above this page?). And blogs enable comments to be posted - opening an asynchronous online conversation. Most blogging software and much of the Web hosting - such as from Google - is free.

If we search for online learning in Google, we get more than 50 million hits. Among the top few returns among those millions is a blog that is published in a tiny town in the cornfields of Illinois. The Online Learning Upate has been published continuously since 2000. Originally, it was a tool I used to "push out" possible articles for seminar critiques to my graduate students. But, a look at the location of those visiting the blog on the web over the past day shows that others are reading this blog as well:

And, yet the number of those visiting the blog directly is dwarfed by those visiting via RSS:

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