Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Micro-Blogging - all aTwitter

RSS is a powerful technology. Using services such as you can have your RSS feeds sent to you via email. Or you can configure to have the feeds sent to your phone via sms (text messaging).

Speaking of txt messaging, it seems even the television networks are all atwitter about Twitter (hyperlinked via the header of this posting). Twitter is a free micro-blogging service. It generally limits posts to 140 characters so that they are easily accepted by most cell phone services. (As you know, "texting" is preferred over email by most people under 30)

Educators are using Twitter in a myriad of ways. Reminding students the night before exams; sending out updates of new research; responding to the entire class when asked a relevant question by one of the students; informing students of alternative work to be done on a snow/hurricane/earthquake day. It is the just in time connection service.

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