Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To be "flip" - the Transformative Mino

Building upon the success of YouTube and online video in general, the Flip video camera emerged two years ago (along with a group of other such tiny, flash-ram, video cameras). The Flip is named after the flip-out USB connector that enables users to point, shoot, flip and plug into most any PC or Mac. Editing software is built-in as is upload software to send the video to YouTube in a matter of seconds.

Starting at ~$120, this tool puts video power into the hands of students and faculty members. This enables the online analog of the class presentation. The flip enables bringing guest speakers into online classes - imagine taking the flip (as my good friend Larry Ragan of PSU does) to major conferences and doing 20-minute interviews with presenters for inclusion as virtual guest speakers in classes. Imagine students using the flip to document local environmental examples, to collect local interviews, to work with other students around the country to put together group projects. Speech classes and clinicals are using the flip to document their work.

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